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Semeion Modules

You will find on this page all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion Archive

Very often, archiving solutions only let you answer one type of request at a time:

  •  Mass or transactional archiving ("Cold Archiving")
  •  Management of eDossiers (with referencing between documents) in particular within the scope of customer, patient, employee or client file management.
  •  Electronic document management (DMS)
  •  With Semeion Archive, you benefit from a single solution to all your data and document storage requirements.

Main functions

  •  Hierarchical management of document containers (with inheritance of legacy properties)
  •  Intelligent management of attributes (indexes) and labels (comments on a specific document) for each document
  •  Management of references between documents
  •  Management of document versions
  •  Integrated conversion of all types of PDF format documents for previewing
  •  Management of document validity and actions in the event of expiry
  •  Management of users, roles and access rights to information
  •  Electronic signature and document protection
  •  Management of long and short-term archiving (on different media)
  •  Management of the localization (culture) of the indexing attributes of documents
  •  Semantic search of document contents (conversion to text format and indexing of content) "Semeion Intelligent Document Discovery"
  •  Transactional indexing of documents in batch mode
  •  Connectors (API + web services) for easier access from external applications (storage, search and rapid retrieval of documents)
  •  Statistics
  •  Connection with Semeion for the management of dynamic archiving flows (in particular validation or approval workflows)

Advantages and benefits

  •  A unique solution to respond to a multitude of documentary applications
  •  A flexible, upgradeable, economical and durable solution, compatible with the regulations in force
  •  A solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your current and future environment
  •  Better visibility of your strategy through simplified sharing and a maximization of the value of the information within your company

Why choose this module?

Semeion Archive integrates perfectly with all types of data and document processing flows and, thanks to its numerous connectors, to your business or back-office applications. Semeion Archive enables you to store all document types, regardless of volume, and to retrieve them extremely quickly and securely at any time.

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