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Semeion Technologies

On this page, please find information about Semeion technologies.

Technologies that make the link between your operation and your enterprise strategy

With Meninx´s level 1 offer, we deliver many modules that will provide you with the functionalities and operational information you need to boost your business and the productivity of your employees.
To set up complex workflows, the Semeion solutions use the level 1 modules and some additional technologies described below. These technologies simplify the automation and the process personalization to perfectly fit your requirements.

List of the Semeion technologies

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Semeion APM (Ad Hoc Processes Manager)

Semeion APM automates collaborative processes involving the workflows of users or groups of users. The Semeion APM engine manages interactions with these people, external applications, events, graphic objects, pending actions, and much more.

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Semeion TPM (Transactional Processes Manager)

Semeion TPM is the ESB (Enterprise System Bus) of Meninx. It automates all types of transactional workflows involving files, data or data sources, and external legacy systems. In addition, TPM ensures the quality of information that passes through its processing engine.

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Semeion DynamicStrings

Semeion DynamicStrings is a complete programming language that also allows you to process data, connect external sources, make calculations, connect social networks, and retrieve all information produced by Semeion.

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Semeion DynamicForms

In order to enable people to interact with systems, the management of dynamic forms is essential. Semeion DynamicForms ensures the display of the information is captured but also ensures the plausibility of the data collected.

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MeninxParsing strings

The MeninxParsingStrings are used to dynamically process PDF files by ensuring the integrity of the pages and sets of pages that form a document. This technology is used for PDF post-processing, but also for dynamic printing.