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Semeion Programs

On this page, you will find information about Semeion programs.

Semeion programs: Ensuring the sustainability of your organization.

Semeion programs are developed and implemented once Semeion solutions are operational. These programs aim, depending on your business sector and on your operational, organizational, cultural, and financial imperatives to permanently reposition your core business, promote your innovations, and thus, ensure the growth of your business in the long term.

As your company and your services are unique, your Semeion program must be perfectly adapted to your requirements.

You will find below some examples of Meninx programs.
Contact us to plan together your digital transformation based on Semeion technologies and our common experiences.

List of Semeion programs

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Semeion Program 1

Swiss State

Description: Transformation of a Swiss state printing center into a center for document management and related editorial services. Streamlining the process of collecting and producing documents from all departments of the State.
Objectives: Improve the productivity of the employees of State services, reduce operational costs, and maximize the use of the printing, enveloping, and finishing equipment of the new publishing center.

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Semeion Program 2

IT, Marketing, and CRM services provider

Description: Digitization of communication and collaboration processes, for the Swiss automotive market, between importers, marketing agencies, authorized resellers, their CRMs, and their document production center.Objectives: With this project, our client has successfully achieved its digital transformation. The marketing agency prepares personalized content for summer or winter campaigns. Authorized resellers can adapt the mailing online at their convenience by changing only what is allowed by the importer. Once the campaign is prepared, the service provider is able to manage the production of the campaigns in either paper or electronic format.

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Semeion Program 3

Swiss State

Description: Swiss state print center wishing to collect the envelopes produced decentral by the departments of the state and thus reduce its printing and shipping costs drastically.
Objectives: Complete automation of the document production center according to the Industry 4.0 concept, with control of printer controllers, roll or sheet-to-sheet printers, and enveloping systems. Thanks to this automation and constant monitoring of the life cycle of each envelope, provide online services to its customers and thus convince other internal customers to transfer the production of their documents to the center.

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Semeion Program 4

Print provider

Description: Service provider specialized in the high quality printing of marketing materials. As the print market is a highly competitive market, it is important for this client to reinvent its commercial offering to not only amortize its past investments, but also to secure its expertise and market share.
Objectives: This center wants to develop its presence and communication services, especially with non-profit organizations. To attract this new clientele waiting for innovation in fundraising, Meninx and its client have developed this program based on new marketing campaign management services. A partner specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) has been associated with this program to consolidate the service portfolio.

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Semeion Program 5


Description: Home and casualty insurance to reduce your mailing costs and improve your customer relationship. Every day, numerous letters are prepared and sent to the insured. As part of the redesign of the communication process, this insurance wanted to redefine certain work methods.
Objectives: The objective of this program is to centralize the production of letters to policyholders created each day in almost 20 agencies. With this centralization, this insurance benefits from a huge reduction of its postage costs, thanks to the massification of its volumes, and also through the improvement of the productivity of its employees due to the automation of dispatch processes.

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Semeion Program 6

Hospitality sector

Description: A cleaning services company, in the hospitality and gastronomy industry, which cleans hundreds of hotel rooms, conference, restoration areas, and back areas on a daily basis, wanted to improve the efficiency and quality of the execution of its services with an optimized approach.
Objectives: The cleaning company, which used to work according to conventional methods, wanted to create a uniform procedure for its processes and quality control in relation to a cloud-based solution (combined with a two-way interface with the client´s PMS). To simplify the communication, promote services, increase efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction, this step into the world of digitization should consolidate its role as market leader.