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Semeion Modules

You will find on this page all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion Survey

Semeion Survey enables the simple management of satisfaction surveys on the Internet or the collection of the information required for building the customer experience.

Main functions

  •  Generation of polls, satisfaction surveys, MCQs (multiple choice questions) on the Internet
  •  Collection of responses and automatic creation of statistical reports

Advantages and benefits

  •  Enables the measurement of employee or customer satisfaction rates and therefore impacts on internal processes with a view to increasing loyalty
  •  Creates the information necessary for the improvement of services offered and therefore ensures their durability.
  •  Creates vital information for the definition of marketing strategies

Why choose this module?

Semeion Survey is an essential application for any organization in order to measure the quality of services provided to the customers, anticipate market trends and plan company marketing strategies.

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