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Semeion Modules

You will find on this page all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion Streaming

Semeion Streaming enables the display of all types of multimedia content (sound, music, films, tutorials, etc.) whilst allowing those watching to interact with the content seen or heard in order to concentrate on the centers of interest.

Main functions

  •  Management of scenarios (storyboard)
  •  Streaming of content
  •  Capture of interactions (web and mobile interface (iOS, Android and MS-Windows))
  •  Impact on media streaming in relation to votes

Advantages and benefits

  •  Optimizes communication
  •  Training management via dynamic tutorials

Why choose this module?

Staff training and strategic communication are essential to the development of a company. With Semeion Streaming, each employee or customer can receive the information that directly concerns them and therefore remain focused on what matters most. The information transmitted is therefore optimized and assimilated more easily.

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