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Semeion Modules

On this page, you will find all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion Planning

Our customers, who are confronted, on a daily basis, with job planning problems, resource availability, and the constraints imposed by customers with regards to deadlines (Service Level Agreement), can now optimize their production thanks to Semeion Planning.
Semeion Planning allows for the management of all types of operational agenda according to their infrastructure and human resources. Unlike traditional applications, Semeion Planning does not just limit itself to reserving time slots, but calculates the optimal schedule, dynamically and automatically.

Main functions

  •  Definition of resources (equipment, software, people), time slots, availability and unavailability, teams, workflow types
  •  Calculates the most coherent schedule according to jobs and resource availability
  •  Displays numerous schedule views according to requirements
  •  Displays a "TO DO" list in relation to a resource (material or human)

Advantages and benefits

  •  Optimizes the use of resources to maximize productivity and competitiveness
  •  Reduces the number of errors, and ensures better control and checking of operational expenses in order to reduce costs
  •  Prepares future investments to seamlessly scale your infrastructure according to your actual requirements
  •  Increases revenue thanks to better-structured services and greater satisfaction of both your internal and external customers. Your customers will recommend you

Why choose this module?

We believe that Semeion Planning is the only solution on the market to offer an automatic schedule for your production or daily activities. Semeion Planning adapts to all workflow types and brings true knowledge about your production strength and use of resources in order to enable you to optimize investment and provide additional services to your customers in terms of operational transparency.

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