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Semeion Modules

You will find on this page all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion Campaigns

The management of marketing campaigns is complex. To limit oneself to a paper mailing is often insufficient. For this reason, Semeion Campaign allows you to schedule your campaigns, to manage the exit channels (paper or electronic) as well as your addresses´ segments to better personalize each content of your correspondence and to get a better return´s rate.

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Main functions

  •  Management of campaigns, sorts (output channels, e.g. paper, emails, SMS, etc.) and address segments for their personalization in regard to the recipient attributes
  •  Management of contents and graphical resources such as images, payment slips, texts, videos, etc.
  •  Synchronization of the campaign schedule with external events such as TV or radio spots, poster campaigns, etc.
  •  Manual or automatic campaign management (automatic responses according to different criteria if one of the objectives is achieved by one of the recipients)
  •  Analysis and statistics of campaigns based on e.g. the recipient´s journey and interactions with a campaign
  •  Coordination with the service provider (e.g. for printing direct mail) of the campaign tasks
  •  Online tracking of the campaign progress and real-time measurement of the campaign success in regard with pre-defined criteria

Advantages and benefits

  •  Addresses all types of organizations, either to raise funds, to recruit external staff or consultants, or to inform the clients about changes or new important services
  •  Complete campaign management with dashboards, relevance and success analysis
  •  Extreme simplification of the campaign design, production and analysis work
  •  Learns campaign success criteria to maximize positive impacts

Why choose this module?

Communicating with clients, candidates or donors is not an easy task. Drawing a person´s attention to an important subject is also a task that requires innovation and drastic personalization of contents. Semeion Campaigns makes the management of the communication campaigns easy, while uniting all participants (audience, service providers, marketing agencies, address providers or CRM) around an efficient management solution, that generates great value for campaigns.

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