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Semeion Modules

You will find on this page all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion ADF

Semeion ADF (Automated Document Factory) is the Semeion solution for quality control management of printing processes, enveloping and dispatching of correspondence (all B2C document types) in paper format.

Main functions

  •  Indexing of envelopes in the database based on an XML control file
  •  Interfacing of the solution with 2D data matrix code readers (compliant with post office specifications) complete with warning lights
  •  Management of annexes
  •  Automatic production management thanks to a high-performance control screen


Advantages and benefits

  •  Guarantees that each envelope will be dispatched once only
  •  Helps to respect the SLAs and avoid penalties and the payment of overtime
  •  Attractive pricing model to enable easy access to the ADF, even for low-volume print centers
  •  Guarantee the integrity of the document productions and their tracking in Semeion

Why choose this module?

Semeion ADF is independent from your mailing system supplier. As a result, Semeion integrates seamlessly with heterogeneous (multi-supplier) environments. Semeion ADF is very economical and ensures faultless production and document dispatching quality. Its user interface, which is simple and foreseen for use with portable touch screens, ensures greater mobility and immediate access to information.

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