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Solutions proposed by Meninx

Meninx essentially contributes to the drastic simplification of working environments, business processes, and collaboration (work, correspondence, and information sharing between employees, end customers, suppliers, etc.) of our client-partners.

Meninx helps, in relation to your CRM/ERP/ECM or any other core business application, automating most of your daily collaboration, communication, and correspondence tasks, and improves customer relations by making them faster, easier, and more secure.

Semeion brings an outstanding gain in terms of performance, progress, success, sustainability, reduced operational costs, and even user "satisfaction."

Meninx´s client-partners appreciate us mainly because we deliver what has been promised, as well as for our responsiveness, commitment to our mission, and ability to listen to and take charge of requests for improvement or change.

Services provided

Meninx delivers its state-of-the-art Semeion software platform as well as quality professional services to support its clients and partners in their search for efficiency and long-term investment.

Results are achieved thanks to the cross-cutting and innovative approach (synergy between the departments and business applications) that Semeion brings, and the simplification of the computing and collaboration environments resulting from the implementation of Semeion.

Target markets, Meninx solutions

Many prestigious clients, such as Swiss member states, insurance companies, car brands, and private companies, use Meninx because they have placed their customers at the center of their concerns and constantly want to provide them with newer, simpler, richer, and safer services that are more in line with their new requirements.

We are currently working on more than 20 projects to simplify and streamline document management processes and customer relationship management, and to reduce operational costs. The security aspects of workflows, data confidentiality, and technological innovations is an integral part of these projects.

Cost savings as a result of Meninx´s services and solutions account for hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs per year, and our customers are extremely satisfied with the services provided.


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