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your core business, communication and collaboration processes.

Performance first

Company performance is mainly a result of a great team coordination and spirit. Meninx Semeion adds to this by simplifying communication and collaboration; leading to improved company competitiveness.

Each client is important

Meninx Semeion structures available information and documents exchanged between you and your customers on all communication channels, transforming your organization´s operations and leading to your customer becoming your advocate (Customer eXperience).


Our promise - your satisfaction guarantee

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The revenues generated by the core business of each enterprise have a natural tendency to erode due to increased competition, the degradation of process efficiency and even the loss of customers. The only way to boost growth is to permanently innovate and reposition the core business, to retain current customers and win new ones.

In the private sector, there is always innovation. There´s always change. There´s always improving productivity, and if you´re not leading that, you will be passed and ultimately go out of business. So there´s an urgency to constantly update and renew and to rethink your enterprise.

Mitt Romney - born March 12, 1947 - American businessman and politician

The following video resumes this page and explains why starting a digital transformation process is important. With Meninx, get the guarantee of success.

Each company should permanently improve its processes aligning them to their end-clients´ expectations. The digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes as to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

Meninx helps, in relation with your CRM/ERP/ECM or any other core business application, automating most of the daily collaboration, communication and correspondence tasks and improves customer relations by making them faster, easier and more secure.

Domains in which we are wining …

Consulting companies say that the digital transformation requires a change of the corporate culture or the CEO sponsorship. All of this is true! We believe, however, that such change can only be achieved if you have the right, bespoke technological tools.

With Semeion - the Meninx software platform and services range - we will help you to successfully achieve your mandatory digital transformation, whatever your country, industry or company size are. We will gradually act with you on 3 levels :

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Level 1- Semeion ModulesWith you, we process the whole of your information flows, data and document lifecycles with the support of our Semeion Business Intelligence Modules, to make sure your company owns all of the essential data to succeed.

We efficiently solve functional, operational, data collection and documents management challenges.

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Level 2- Semeion SolutionsThen, with you, we solve your core business issues with our Semeion Processes Management Solutions and their innovative and modern technology, to optimize, simplify and secure your daily business and customer relation.

We improve your core business processes in relation with your legacy systems (ERP, CRM, ECM etc.) to make your company much more competitive.

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Level 3- Semeion ProgramsFinally, we deliver a innovative value-added vision to solve your complex, strategic and cultural issues related to the digital transformation of your company with our Semeion Business Growth Programs.

We accurately define, with you, step by step, your enterprise´s strategy, based on your Customer eXperience, to allow your company become leader in its market.

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Our Semeion Modules, Semeion Solutions and Semeion Programs, are associated to 4 categories of professional services :

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Activation servicesSetup of the Semeion modules and solutions in regard to your expectations, requirements and emergencies.

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Monitoring servicesSoftware and application maintenance, lifetime warranty of the software, updates and upgrades.

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Optimization servicesBusiness processes improvement based on your customer experience (CX).

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Innovation servicesDefinition with you of your growth strategy and vision in relation with the different stakeholders of your company.

We put our heart, mind, and soul into even our smallest acts.
We have invented this new way of solving
- easily and rapidly -
cultural, operational, collaboration and communication challenges of any enterprise,
This is why we are successful and why we will share this success with you!

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Benchmark - what you will get with Semeion of Meninx

Overall savings objectives


This 52% savings on the document preparation and production costs were achieved by one of our clients as part of its billing process. The amount saved is 1.3 mio€ per year.

Requirements coverage


A recent audit of Semeion has demonstrated that 88% of the functional and non-functional requirements of the client were covered by Semeion as standard. This rate shows how Semeion is easily adaptable to the whole of your requests.

Customer satisfaction


Meninx has only satisfied customers since Semeion is developed. The Meninx customers are loyal, very satisfied and highly recommend us. We can gladly arrange a visit.

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