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Semeion Modules

On this page, you will find all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion Users

Semeion Users allows for the management of users and their roles. They can be managed either in the Semeion database or in connection with LDAP / Active Directory or any other person identification system.

Main functions

  •  Management of users and their profiles (all data characterizing them)
  •  Management of the attributes of each user
  •  Management of roles and access rights
  •  Management of LDAP / AD connections
  •  Management of SSO methods (Single Sign On)
  •  Password management (reset)
  •  Management of languages and emails

Advantages and benefits

  •  Centralized and secure management of users according to your LDAP / AD systems
  •  Simplification of navigation between modules (single, secure, and automatic connection)
  •  Allows for the integration of Semeion into your business application without users having to register and constantly identify themselves.

Why choose this module?

This module is vital for the management of Semeion security, users, and access rights. This module is therefore automatically provided upon installation of the Semeion solution.

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