Professional Services

We think, we investigate, we invent to find the best solution for you!

The strength of Meninx lies in the partnership that our teams build day after day with companies leaders in their market segment. Our teams have an experience riched of many projects that have been done during the past 10 years. Your company has a specific culture, you are unique? Then you require a special attention.

Our proposal is simple and is divided into two main steps:

1 - Optimize

  • Listen to your team to understand your challenges, your expectations and needs
  • Work with your thems to optimize your processes, streamline and secure them and reduce your operational costs

2 - Enrich

  • With the savings, invest in your company's competitiveness
  • Support you in your development (market share, time to market, new services)

A few figures that might convince you:

  • A telecommunication company: 52% savings on the billing process
  • A government organization: 43% savings on documents production processes (tax financial statements, taxes declaration, invoices, etc.) And procurement processes
  • An university: 40% savings on the production process of documents
  • An energy company: 37% savings on printing systems
  • Etc.

We support you in setting up your new business strategy

To get this goal, Meninx will provide you the following services:

  • Counseling for your market segment for you to benefit from our unique experience and expertise acquired over the past decade
  • Professional services to design and start your business processes optimized
  • Project management for economic adapted to the size and structure of your business (oversizing by methods sometimes opaque and heavy!)
  • Support, listening and support long-term, personalized, because we know that your needs will change over time and you need a long-term partner

Our references are available if you would like more information about the quality of our services.

As part of our "Customer eXperience" program, we want our customers to be our best sellers. To do so, all our energy is invested in our mission and in your satisfaction, loyalty and advertising you are going to make our services.