Output and Input Management

Get rid of your archaic paper based processes and jump into the digital future using the Meninx Semeion services and platform.

For more information about our BPaaS services, please refer to the related page in the Meninx BPaaS Services section of this web site.

Output Management Services

These services use our powerful Semeion Transactional Processes Management technology (Semeion TPM). Please refer to the Semeion TPM page in the Semeion Products section of this web site. Semeion TPM simply allows defining any kind of transactional, sequential sequence of action on data files and documents. Semeion TPM perfectly covers any XML based or PDF based process.

With Meninx, your Output Management processes are based on powerful services:


Meninx proposes a complete BPaaS solution in order to manage in the most efficient way the following processes:

  • Data preparation: conversion of your data files to the XML format (if not done already), contwent enrichment, quality control based on your business rules, data mining, data merge, data splitt, etc.
  • Documents preparation: documents composition, documents merge, documents splitt, documents exclusion and inclusion,
  • Post-processing: spool files preparation in regards to the print systems and packaging systems and their specification, accounting, PDF signature (and PDF/A format for archiving)
  • Multi-output channels management: paper documents delivery, electronic documents delivery (archive, web, EBPP, emails)
  • Color and black/white Printing: two Xerox Nuvera and one Xerox Igen4
  • Envelopes Packaging*: two Kern 2500 with up to 9 inserts trays
  • Booklet: finisher for the publishing jobs

Meninx is implementing the "Perfect workflow". This workflows includes quality checks of each page, document and envelope at each step of the output process

Input Management Services

These services are currently available only in Switzerland.

These services use our Semeion Ad Hoc Processes Management technologies (Semeion APM). Please refer to the Semeion APM page in the Semeion Products section of this web site. Semeion APM allows defining any kind of processes involving people or group of people. Semeion APM is probably the most

Meninx proposes a complete BPaaS solution in order to manage in the most efficient way the following processes:

  • Returns management: documents are sent to a central location for a central treatment (e.g. yourCompany, P.O. Box 1234, CH-8000, Zurich).
  • Paper documents preparation: make ready for the scanning
  • Documents scanning: scanning using the most professional scanners of the market
  • Data preparation: data are visually checked and control by professional in order to deliver accurate data to your systems and ERPs
  • Validation workflows: based on the documents attributes, the documents are routed and processed in a controlled and secured environment. After its validation and acceptation, the document is sent back to your systems and ERP.

Meninx proposes a full service portfolio

  • Solution hosting (BPaaS)
  • Integration and operation services
  • Long terms support and Business Processes improvement services (e.g. Customer eXperience Program)
  • Customer eXperience program: optimized communication, 1:1 customer relationship management, costs erosion processes
  • Printing Services: black and white or color (with inline personalized inserts management)
  • Packaging Services: with up to 9 inserts managements
  • Scanning Services: professional scanners and validation teams
  • Scheduling and planning services: you can plan and view your productions based on the infrastructure in place
  • Online jobs progress tracking: you can follow the status, progress and the accounting information of your productions. Semeion is not a black box and provides a powerful dashboard.

Benefits of the Meninx Added Value Proposition (BPaaS)

Secure your processes, eliminate error and reduce your operational costs putting in place the Semeion Perfect Workflow.

  • With Meninx, you don't have to invest in an expensive software and hardware solution. Meninx with its BPaaS concept cares about everything and provides you an outstandingly good and transparent solution:
  • Meninx provide a ready to use IT infrastructure: servers, redundancy, security etc. You don't have to care about the maintenance and the upgrades of the servers. Your infrastructure is always up-to-date.
  • Meninx Services and software solutions: already available for a lot of customers, the Semeion Services are safe, riskless and extremely performing.
  • The setup and operational services are included in the solution. You can concentrate on you core business and you benefit from our experience and expertise acquired during similar projects.
  • The full solution can be put in place very quickly and in regards to your requirements and specification. Your organization will benefit immediately from our powerful services.
  • Using a combination or Semeion TPM (for your Output Management Processes) and APM (for your Input Management Processes), you have the opportunity to control your Core Business Processes and your correspondence with your customers in a closed loop way. This is unique ; this is Semeion by Meninx.
  • Meninx puts quality in the center of all its preoccupation. Semeion has been developed to provide you the "Perfect Workflow". This means that Semeion keeps control of your data, documents and processes from the moment you have submitted the process request to the successful end of the process. **In no case, the stream is broken or interrupted. In no case, we (you as customer and our operational teams) can lose the control on the process. This is the only way to ensure the quality and the security of your Output/Input processes.

With Meninx, you can stay concentrated on your core business. We will provide you the best solution for a fair click price.

The Meninx team is satisfied first when you are satisfied too, and is focused on delivering quality and an outstandingly good support.