Managed Print Services

The most powerful Web2Print solution for improving your correspondence and customer relations
With Semeion you can manage your Corporate Identity and Corporate Design in a central and efficient way. Semeion also allows to enrich your correspondence and transpromo processes.

Meninx proposes a lot of services to optimize the printing processes.

Here is the synopsis of our services


Professional Print Services

Meninx proposes professional print services (black&white and color printing) for transactional and publishing purposes.

Transactional Printing

You can benefit from our strong experience in managing high volume data. Semeion supports the most common input formats:

  • Flat files
  • Adobe Postscript and PDF
  • XML datafiles
  • Xerox VIPP

The power of Semeion allows to manage the full workflow in a secure and auditable way.

Please refer to the Semeion Output and Input Management services to learn more about our Managed Print Services.

Publishing Printing

With the Support of Semeion MPS (the Semeion Web2Print solution), Meninx can receive your print jobs and produce them in a very professional way using production high quality printers.

Please refer to the next chapter to learn more about our W2P solution.

What is a Web2Print solution?

A Web2Print solution (also known as Web-to-Print) is a remote publishing platform, with both offset and digital production facilities, which refers to the practice of doing print business using web sites. Web2Print increasingly calls for workflows environment mainly based on the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Semeion allows to customize all your W2P processes without any limitations and based on the your requirements, experience and company culture. Semeion provides the following functions, advantages and benefits:

Core Functions

  • documents production and approval workflows (document life cycle management: from creation to production and storage) based on my specification, principles and practices
  • jobs submission (from a web interface, from MS-Office directly or from any Core Business Application, in combination with Semeion digitalOffice (option))
  • electronic job-ticket creation included all the relevant attributes (e.g. number of copies, number of pages, printing and finishing options, media types, separators, confidentiality, priority), attributes can be freely defined by your HR department
  • physical and logical color splitter
  • any-to-PDF transformation (e.g. MS-Office documents, images, PDF, XPS), as part of one job, you can, as example, submit some MS-Office documents together with images and PDF files
  • PDF preflight and quality management, can be extended at any time using external libraries and via our plug-ins management technology, page changes functions (e.g. zoom, binding margin, reordering, offset)
  • approval and document life cycle workflows management WITHOUT any interruption, break in the workflow
  • Semeion “one job“ quality assurance method (can have multiple documents with many different formats)
  • on-demand document creation module (e.g. for Business Card, production sheet, check list)
  • set of predefined web objects (pre-cooked) : simple print job, complex print jobs, business cards, carbon documents (using chemical paper), N-in-1 (document imposition), large format (poster print), booklets, mailings, collection of decentralized print volumes
  • user interaction management
  • restrictions management (e.g. lead time between two actions)
  • DynamicForms : definition of the online forms for the interactions required within a process
  • DynamicStrings : connection to any data source (e.g. to enrich a job-ticket)
  • automatic notification (e.g. emails to (group of) users)
  • jobs progress and status management
  • access rights to a specific job based on the user roles (data confidentiality assurance)
  • management of predefined called web objects (e.g. simple job, business cards, carbon copy jobs, booklet, training packages, employee bible, conference folders)
  • check lists and production document management (instructions for the operator)
  • online communication between the operators and the users
  • job context management (e.g. job, workflow and steps status, events, pending actions, restrictions, user interfaces at a given time)
  • possibility to create a package (data and documents) and to forward a job to a third party provider (e.g. specific finishing request, offset printing if the number of copies or if the required print quality are too high)
  • management of the enterprise products Catalog for predefined production sets
  • management of the “My Catalog” based on jobs that users already submitted
  • and much more …


  • Powerful functions
  • Allows to manage all kinds of processes where interactivity, planning, security are essential


  • automation of the processes in order to reduce the operations costs
  • increase of the competitiveness
  • increase of the knowledge of the internal processes towards the end-customers
  • perfect tracking and follow-up of all internal processes

Why is Semeion different?

  • Semeion helps the users controlling the quality of the documents they submit for production
  • Semeion cares about the complete document lifecycle, preventing any kind of discontinuity in the workflows and production process
  • Semeion helps the print center operator preparing its production. A quality check list and a worksheet is automatically prepare in order to simplify his daily work
  • Semeion allows defining which services are available to the end-users and what are the production steps
  • Semeion prepares the PDF-Files in order to ensure the quality of the documents to produce
  • Semeion checks the quality of the documents submitted (preflight process)
  • With Semeion digitalOffice, your core business application, your back-office applications (such as MS-Office) are directly connected to your print center