Logistics Processes

Enhance your logistics processes with Semeion
Sometimes, logistics processes required interactions. Are you willing to open your ERP system to your clients and partners? Not sure. This is why Semeion adds valuable services to your current processes.

The key Semeion features are:

  • define a set of processes to manage the logistics processes in details and based on your expectations
  • manage the turns based on your carriage infrastructure and requests imperatives
  • track the delivery of the goods using Global Positioning Localization cells
  • create statistics, reports, KPIs etc.
  • manage your quality by randomly controlling the content of deliveries
  • allow mobile connections using QR-Codes, capture the receiver signature and store it within the delivery request
  • manage all documents creation such as etiquettes, delivery slips, check-lists etc.


  • full workflow overview (included the delivery of the goods and the capture of the signature of the receiver)
  • integrate the carrier in your logistics process (offering and pick-up and delivery of the goods)


  • reduce your carriage costs by putting your carriage partner into the price offering process
  • get powerful statistics and report to optimize your costs