Human Resources Processes

Automated employees and Managers daily tasks support.
With The Semeion HR services, provide your employees and managers fully customized processes as self service.

Semeion HR services is a set of employees' and managers' personalized processes in regards to your enterprise culture.

Semeion proposes:

eDossier Management

Meninx proposes a set of services to help you manage your employee eDossiers in a digital way:

  • Scanning Services: we scan the employee paper documents and we provide you the related digital version of the documents, indexed properly and classified
  • Employees Attributes: each employee can manage its own information. The HR department defines which attributes of the employee can be accessed without restrictions and which are confidential and for the HR department only.
  • Archive: Semeion Archive stores the all documents in their digital version. Documents are indexed and categorized in order to find them and display them in the way you wish. A semantic analysis of the content allows to retrieve the most plausible documents.


  • Promoting the open positions: Using Semeion Promotion, the HR department can publish the open position on Internet. The candidates can apply online and submit their files. Semeion analysis the documents and provides the required information for a fast and efficient candidates selection.
  • Recruiting Processes: Semeion supports the HR department in the selection of the candidates, the interviews as well as the final decision making process
  • Employment: the selected candidate is automatically migrated as an employee as soon as the selection becomes effective.

Self Services Processes

  • Many Processes: Semeion provides an unlimited set of processes such as leaves management, certificates creation, resignation processes, reporting, personal development plans management etc.
  • Documents: Semeion allows creating any kind of documents based on templates and parameters: e..g. certificates, working contracts, business cards, greating and Christmas cards (as part of the Semeion Managed Print Services module etc.)
  • Leaves notification: each employee can apply for vacation or report leaves. Leaves are validated by the direct manager and by the HR department before they are stored in the employee eDossier
  • Employee Development Process and related documents*: Managers and employees can agree online about the development plan, promotions, and rewarding programs (without avoiding interviews and face to face meetings)

Employee Satisfaction Serveys

  • Surveys: using the Semeion technologies, you can create your own surveys, publish them and create statistics out of them.