EBPP Services by Meninx

How to reduce your paper volumes and allow your customers to pay their bills on internet?

Our EBPP partners in Switzerland

In order to reduce the billing cycles and protect the environment, Meninx provides a direct connection to the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) providers in Switzerland.

To learn more about the eBills advantages, please follow this link: eBills.ch website.

Meninx is Six PayNet certified.
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Meninx is PostFinance Yellowbill certified.
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As part of the transactional processes management (e.g. Output Management), Semeion provides a set of services in order to:

  • help our customers to reduce the paper and postal costs
  • migrate paper bills to electronic bills in an efficient way
  • automate the bills publication workflows

Meninx has developed in agreement with six Group (banking clients) and the Swiss post (postal clients), the connectors to their payment systems. Using the Meninx services and connectors, you can save development and maintenance costs and benefit from our experience.

Other electronic channels deliveries

Apart from the EBPP processes, Semeion provides emails services. Your documents can delivered as attachement to an email.

Our differentiator

The Meninx EBPP connectors can easily be intergrated in your billing applications. You can also consume our services and deliver us your data. We will care about your electronic billing processes.