Business Processes as a Service

Meninx as single point of contact:
One partner for the professional Services, the IT infrastructure, the business solution
Instead of investing a lot of money in software solutions, think about paying what you consume.

What is a BPaaS?

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) is any type of horizontal or vertical business process that is delivered based on the cloud services model. These cloud services which include Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), are therefore dependent on related services.

The Meninx offering

Companies are looking at a more service-oriented approach. In the past, they have been automating their business processes either manually or programmatically with more or less success. Meninx provides a set of services based on its powerful platform Semeion:

  • Professional Services for a successful definition and integration of processes
  • a highly secured IT infrastructure to host processes (optional if you might wish, for data confidentiality reasons, hosting the services on your own servers)
  • Semeion: The Meninx framework to operate your processes.

With Meninx, you can adjust the CAPEX/OPEX ratio as you wish, reducing your investments and allowing you to budget your operation in the most suitable way.

Our hosting value proposition

Meninx proposes the following models:

  • MODEL 1 : Quick and price optimized. Meninx hosts your applications in its own data center (Switzerland) for a fair price
  • MODEL 2 : Secured and affordable. Make a tour and watch the video below ...

Meninx is partnering with (in the USA and in Europe) for more than 5 years in order to provide you the "best of breed" infrastructure at the best price. The infrastructure can be setup within 6 hours for a very fast solution setup. It's very simple and efficient.

  • MODEL 3 : Extremely secured and durable. Meninx is also partnering with the state of Neuchâtel in order to provide your organization a High Availability environment. Your applications are hosted in a farm over three different locations and all servers are virtualized. The availability of the servers and therefore the applications is extremely high. In terms of data and operation security, this solution is absolutely amazing.

In the case where your data are very confidential, you also can host your Semeion solutions on your own servers. You can decide which processes are own by your IT team and which are outsourced by Meninx

The Semeion differentiator

The difference between traditional vertical applications and BPaaS is that BPaaS is designed to be service-oriented. Semeion provides a set of well-defined interfaces to your environment, data sources, employees and customers. The Semeion processes are standardized for are already used by many different organizations. Using Semeion, you enter into a community of users, with a different expertise and experience, but with the same quality and security goals. Semeion is optimized to deliver a sustainable service. Semeion can leverage automation, standardization, and repeatability in the way the services are used and delivered in order to allow you generating savings.

Therefore, with Semeion, you can reduce your operational costs and increase your competitiveness.

  • Semeion has a well-defined set of interfaces
  • the Semeion architecture is flexible and allows you to adapt and configure your business logic to your needs and requirements
  • with Semeion, you can integrate many different processes, reducing the complexity of your infrastructure: this is new and this is unique
  • Semeion supports any languages (English, French, German by default) and multiple deployment environments (the Semeion License Agreement allows you to duplicate the environment without additional licenses costs)
  • Semeion is able to go from managing a few processes for a couple of users to being able to support hundreds if not thousands of users and processes
  • Semeion is highly scalable, because a business cannot predict how a business process will be leveraged in the future

Semeion is unique, and can help you solving any of your business challenges.