Users Management

Manages the Semeion Users in a simple way using Single Sign On methods
Semeion allows to manage an inbound users database, to connect your LDAP/AD or use any customized Single Sign On method (SSO).

To simply and efficiently manage the users credentials and business roles.

Core functions

  • connection to your LDAP/AD
  • (and/or) inbound users management (own database)
  • (and/or) customer specific Single Sign On (SSO) methods
  • Manages the users/employees information to automates some processes such as HR processes
  • manages users roles, groups, access rights, authorized functions and specific business rules


  • fast implementation (out-of-the-box)
  • secured
  • simple


  • no unexpected redundancy in the users management
  • costs saving
  • fast and economical set-up