Stock and Price Lists

Manages your supply chain management localy
Stock management solutions are sometimes complicated and not really adapted to certain circumstances. With Semeion Stock and Price Lists Management, you can provide your teams a simple system and connect it to your main ERP in order to simplify the management of your local Supply Chain Management (SCM).

To efficiently manage your Supply Chain Management in regards to your local competences and daily tasks.

Core Functions

  • quantities (minimum in stock and current stock level) management
  • input/output supplies transactions
  • inventories
  • price lists management based on volumes consumed and client classes
  • online production costs estimation
  • process costs calculation (and profitability estimation)
  • VAT rates and currencies management
  • material pre-booking
  • parts quality assurance management
  • ready for an analytic accounting (both sides: PrintShop and clients)


  • simple to use
  • considers the level of the users (which expertise do they provide?)
  • can easily be connected with a central system (e.g. SAP WM and FI)


  • complex SCM processes and systems knowledge are avoided leading to training costs savings
  • the stock management can easily be integrated in the process preventing some waste of time and materials