powerOffice helps groups of users managing their daily tasks in a efficient and collaborative way!
Semeion powerOffice provides a set of powerful functions without requiring a huge IT infrastructure.

Semeion powerOffice Functions

The functions of Semeion powerOffice are divided into 6 groups:

  • Relations: a smart and 'User Friendly' CRM module to manage contacts and partners such as suppliers, clients, subcontractors, etc. With this module, you also can manage your sales cycles and accurately follow up your revenues forecast. When contract is signed, you simply convert the sale cycle to a contract to manage your debitors revenues

  • Collaboration: a workspace to manage a common calendar and all your activities such as meetings, leaves, tasks, appointments and deadlines etc.

  • Productivity: a module to track your daily activities and provide your collaborators predefined check lists, activity reports and finally a workflow manager to schedule your daily tasks

  • Quality: a set of functions for managing your operational quality and partner relations such as the rating of your suppliers, the measurement of your customers’ satisfaction, the management of the operational incidents and the quality assurance of your operation

  • Marketing: a module for managing your emails and paper campaigns and also for organizing your customers’ events

  • Dashboard: a module to monitor the collaborators' activities and usage of Semeion powerOffice

  • Assets: a module to manage all types of contracts, systems in field and company assets

  • Archive: a module to store and retrieve documents, manage eDossier and collect knowledge from all your document types

Each Semeion powerOffice module provides all the important statistics and information about the open points, the activities and quality failures in your operation.

Semeion powerOffice keep trace of all your related communication by avoiding the usage of emails.

Benefits of powerOffice

  • optimization and automation of your operational and communication processes

  • reduction of your operational costs

  • improvement of your suppliers and customers relations

  • creation of more accurate and fact based reports to your management

Languages supported

Semeion powerOffice exists in English, German, French, Ukrainian and Russian (Czech and Italian coming soon). If you wished to have powerOffice in your language, please contact us.

How to get powerOffice ?

Semeion powerOffice version 2.0.74 (January 2017, the 4th) is now available.

To download the current version (included the Installation Guide version 1.1 in English), please click on the following link: http://www.meninx.ch/SoftwarePackages/powerOffice/SemeionpowerOfficeInstallers.zip

Installation Guide

Please refer to the Semeion powerOffice Installation Guide (English) to proceed with the installation. Click on the following link to download the PDF file: http://www.meninx.ch/SoftwarePackages/powerOffice/SemeionpowerOfficeInstallationGuide.pdf

Please note that Semeion powerOffice is free of charge for 1 user (default user: "Administrator").

(NEW) Android Application for Hotels

Please click here to download the Android application for hotels version 1.2.22 (November 2016, the 29th), or scan this QR-Code below:

APK for Android

Flyers for Semeion powerOffice for Hotels

Meninx developed a specific version of Semeio powerOffice for the hotels. Please find below the links to the flyers: There are 2 flyers per Zip file: