Organizes any operation time schedule and optimizes the use of your infrastructure and resources
Scheduling an operation and resources can be a heavy task. Using Semeion Planning, you will optimize the use of the available resources.

Semeion Planning automatically plans your future tasks and duties based on the available resources and activities.

Core functions

  • asset (hardware and software performances based on business rules) and resources (HR) managements (e.g. shift definitions, leaves, bank and public holidays)
  • dynamic processes steps duration calculation in regards to the required expertise and operators competences
  • job types definition (e.g. volume dependent, fix duration (resources booking))
  • agenda previews in a calendar and as list
  • planning plausibility (e.g. in regards to the production type and imperatives: financial documents, annual reports)
  • SLA and lead-time agreement management
  • planning reliability checks and notifications
  • production follow up (if applicable) in regards to the planning
  • production process tracking (production delay notification)
  • resources booking and affectations
  • to-do list per operator (“my today work”)


  • the planning is dynamically calculated and optimized based on the PMI business rules and infrastructure
  • high resources planning flexibility, the production manager can affect resources to a job when a choice is possible


  • prevent overtime
  • allows to better argue and plan the future investments (HW/SW/HR resources)