Allows managing the user interfaces languages and cultures of the Semeion Modules and Services as well as your corporate vocabulary.

Based on your enterprise culture and experience, you might want to use a process specific vocabulary. Semeion Localization is designed for that purpose. Thanks to Semeion Localization, you can manage your translations in a specific and efficient way. Semeion Localization provides a lot of functions to help you managing your contents, validate translations and avoiding duplicates.

Core Functions

  • manages the resources (e.g. texts, images) and the cultures of the Semeion User Interfaces and also for the document contents
  • import/export of contents
  • filter resources
  • powerful search functions based on your selection criteria
  • selection of the correct keyboard in order to ease the text typing
  • manages the contents of the whole of your documents in any language (powerful in case of on-demand document creation processes)


  • central knowledge database for texts and the vocabulary (semantic) of the enterprise
  • simplify the common understanding about a process, a job, a status etc.
  • knowledge base for the enterprise in terms of text contents


  • user friendly, avoid long trainings and save related costs
  • unify your corporate vocabulary for a better communication
  • simplify your document life cycle and preparation (e.g, for user manuals, articles, regular publications)