Manages your cross channel document and message deliveries in a safe and efficient way.


Semeion combines a set of Dispatch functions in order to support you managing your document productions, their delivery as paper or electronic document.


  • Spooler functions: sorts documents based on their attributes e.g. spool size, color/b&W, customer, finishing specifications etc. The number of attributes is unlimited
  • EBPP: connects any EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) providers e.g. six group or PostFinance in Switzerland
  • Archives: connectors to Semeion Archive, EMC2 Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, Canon Therefore are ready to use Semeion manages other channel interactions with your customers such as:
  • cross-channel: contact center, Internet, self service, mobile devices
  • cross-touchpoint: phone, chat, email, Web, in-person
  • cross-lifecycle: ordering, fulfillment, billing, support


  • One system for the Semeion Managed Print Services (publishing and transactional outputs), EBPP, Archive connections, web publishing and other devices connections
  • Documents output preseclected and ready for processing


  • Very scalable to your future needs
  • Economical and allows costs saving via a simple operation of the outputs

Semeion Differentiator

  • Semeion Dispatcher is part of the Semeion platform and is fully integrated
  • Extremely simple to use and to setup