Data Streams Manager

A set of processors which allows preparing all your data and convert them into XML


Semeion Data Streams Manager is flexible, configurable, scalable and powerfull.


Semeion Data Stream Manager : converts any file to XML

  • Accepts any kind of input “flat files” such as CSV, tagged records, fix length records, Xerox VIPPTM data files, preformatted records such as SAP RDITM and HK-Form,
  • Supports the most used character sets (ANSI, UTF7 and 8 etc.) and source format (MS-Windows and Unix)
  • Allows full parsing personalization based on predefined records description sets
  • Selects automatically the parsing profile based on job ticket, file-name, translation files and content.
  • Allows complex mapping to XML with pre and post formatting
  • Allows enriching, calculating, mining the data set based on predefined rules
  • Allows connecting any external API or Delegate Functions
  • Creates Ready to Use and Standardized XML files

Solution Advantages

  • Semeion Data Stream Manager can be used as standalone application, can be integrated in your legacy systems and core business applications or be part of the Semeion suite
  • Its architecture is extremely flexible, scalable and allows for a very fast setup without any change in your data sources
  • Standard solution and built to ease your development tasks, Semeion Data Stream Manager allows you covering all your requirements


  • Its simplicity of use (integrated help available), reduces the setup and migration costs
  • As part of the Semeion community, you benefit from the experience of other users
  • Semeion Data Streams Manager works on any Windows based system for a low cost usage
  • Semeion Data Streams Manager runs as background tasks and requires less attention
  • does not require a huge tuning and IT expertise
  • Semeion Data Stream Manager can be used as a Service (SaaS) for less maintenance, deployment efforts and training
  • The solution can be integrated phase by phase at your speed