Stores all your documents in one simple repository
Duplicating storage systems is a waste of time, information and money. Semeion allows to store all types of documents and to retrieve the most relevant information whatever the content or the document source is.

Semeion Archive is a powerful Solution for intelligently manage your entire documents. Semeion Archive saves in a secured way the whole of your back-office documents (e.g. lists, letters, correspondance, contracts) as well as the documents issued in a batch way from your ERP system (e.g. bills, account statements, advices, polices). Semeion Archive is developed to be easily scaled to your data volumes.

Core Functions

  • secured and compliant archiving (support PDF/A and the electronic signature of documents)
  • short terms and long terms (COLD) archiving
  • document management (any document format) with versions management
  • document previews
  • document relationship management
  • document attributes management
  • Intelligent Document Discovery (IDD is a Meninx innovation) to retrieve the most appropriate documents
  • knowledge base management
  • semantic analysis of the documents content to provide a better knowledge within your organization
  • Archive API allows a fast integration of Semeion Archive in your legacy system or back-office applications


  • one system for both your transactional documents and your back-office documents
  • the Intelligent Document Discovery allows a pertinent and quick document retrieving
  • combined with the Semeion Transactional Processes Mamager (Semeion TPM) and Semeion Ad Hoc Processes Manager (Semeion APM), Semeion Archive allows processing your documents without any break in the process and with security and in line with your core business process logic.


  • save money by consolidating your archive resources
  • create knowledge out of your documents to put your organization apart from its competition