Ad Hoc Processes Manager

Semeion APM is the best way to coordinate your daily work, establish dialog between employees, customers, partners and suppliers.
Semeion APM allows managing all processes that require a collaboration between stakeholders. Semeion APM is the best way to ensure that your process will not be interrupted for any reason.

What is Semeion Ad Hoc Processes Manager (APM)?

Processes which involve a collaboration between people, departments and the infrastructure require a strong discipline. It's not always easy to put a procedure in place and ask the employees to follow these rules. Semeion APM helps, based on your experience and expectations, to guide your employees, your customers and your suppliers how the daily tasks might be achieved.

Semeion APM is formed with a workflow manager which cares about the steps and the status of your workflows.

Some APM functions

  • Step Manager: tells where the process in the workflow is at one moment, and in which context the system is and will interact with users
  • Objects Library: definition of standards object that can be reused within the workflow
  • User Interaction: design of the user interface (web based: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Asp .NET controls, Telerik or any other control) in regards with the workflow step and the user role
  • Custom Actions Set: connection management of external systems such as API's, software, data sources, actions triggers and Semeion modules. The action called can be synchronous or asynchronous.
  • Data Management: mapping of external or internal data and objects that will be used for personalizing the workflow behavior and the User Interactions
  • Restrictions: set of parameters that defines the maximum duration of a stage and the desired actions to apply

Our differentiator

Semeion APM has designed to fully comply with your processes and requirements. Its flexibility put Semeion APM aport from the other products of the market.


Semeion APM decreases the response time during the execution of your process and secures the way they are executed. You can define as much quality check point as you wish, at any step of your process in order to guarantee an streamlined operation. Semeion APM automates the connections with your legacy systems in order to prevent manual actions in your workflows.

With Semeion APM, you will speed your processes, secure them and generate a lot of time and costs savings in your daily operation.

Application fields

  • Online questionnaires and surveys for employees and customers
  • Web2Print applications
  • Incidents and changes management
  • Any Input Management and validation processes e.g. retour of the customers correspondence
  • e-Commerce workflows
  • e-Booking workflows
  • e-Government applications
  • Education and trainings
  • Web based wizards
  • Project Management Communication Web based collaborative environment
  • Blogs and forums
  • Dynamic web sites
  • On-Demand Documents Creation Process Letters, Contracts, Credit Requests, Pension etc.
  • Online forms management
  • Insurance claims
  • Customer Address
  • Mutation Management
  • Buying processes
  • Logistics processes
  • Human resources management
  • and much more!