What we do ...
We solve B2C companies' major operational challenges helping to reduce their operational costs, increase their revenues and competitiveness, design their future and strategic services and related quality, maximize the benefits of a powerful communication with end-customers.
We simplify, automate and secure all kinds of core business processes, we connect ERP, ECM and CRM systems together, we intelligently manage the information and documents.
We are the engine of growth you were waiting for!
Do you want your organization evolve to an incredible Customer eXperience?
Who we are ...
We are experts in data, documents, systems (ERP, CRM, ECM) and processes management.
We are passionate by helping our clients building their operational excellence and Customer eXperience. We provide them, Semeion, our innovative and powerful software platform and all the related professional services.
What is semeion?
Semeion is a powerful software combined with added-value professional services to:

- get an horizontal view of your business (360 degrees)
- simplify the collaboration between systems and people (employees, clients, partners etc.)
- automate, secure and track your processes, for reducing your operational costs
- efficiently share information and your digital assets
- assess your operational quality and make it positively evolve
- build a strong Customer eXperience based on powerful business analytics
- improve your paper and electronic communication towards your clients

and much more ...
Semeion is certainly the most homogeneous solution that will help you to simplify and secure your business processes in an auditable way.
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Our Value Proposition
  • Due diligence to identify your saving
    and optimization potentials
  • Most suitable solution definition
    based on the Semeion modules
  • Most suitable IT infrastucture definition
    (BPaaS concept)
  • Professional Services for a smooth integration
    and solution roll out
  • Long term support services
    (e.g. SLA, incidents and changes management)
Supported Segments
  • Telecommunication
  • Utilities
  • Private and retail banks
  • Insurances
  • Governments
  • Hospitals
  • Universities and high schools
  • Print centers
  • Automative
  • Services providers
  • Pharma
Our Values
  • Customer commitment
    (quality and professionalism in all we do)
  • Business ethics
  • Respect of people

Meninx Management Commitments
  • Provide you the most suitable solution and services and cover 100% of your requirements
  • Work with respect towards your employees
  • Deliver quality
  • Support your costs reduction efforts
  • End your projects successfully
  • Flughafenstrasse 7
    8302 Zürich-Kloten
    Phone: Main phone number
    Email: Generic email address
Development Centers
  • Switzerland (Meninx Headquarters)
  • Czech Republic (Syrovice)
  • Ukraine (Ternopil)
Data Centers
  • Switzerland (Meninx Headquarters)
  • Switzerland (Canton Neuchâtel, 3 locations)
  • USA (Washington DC, Huston and Seattle)
  • Netherland (Amsterdam)