What is Semeion?

You don't need dozens of software tools, you need one platform, adapted to your needs and your enterprise culture.
We have been working for a long time in the data and documents arena. We have seen many customers using weak solutions and fighting with data, reports, compliance and productivity. It's for those reasons that Meninx develops Semeion: an outstandingly powerful web based software solution. Meninx also delivers worldwide professional services based on our expertise and experience to visionary organizations.

Semeion has been designed and developed allowing you to benefit from both out-of-the-box software solution and customers specific developments, without having their desadvantages. The Semeion set of functions (e.g. document management, archive, stock management, dashboard, etc.) combined with the powerful and flexible workflow managers allow you to build your processes in the most efficient and economical way.

Semeion provides employees the most suitable infrastructure and solutions to achieve their daily tasks while reducing your operational costs and increasing your competitiveness.

A modern and visionary architecture


Semeion is a 100% web based software platform developed in .NET. It offers all the latest technologies in order to simplify and optimize your business processes. Security, Mobility, Efficiency are the most important benefits provided by Semeion.

A new Philosophy

Process and infrastructure management software are traditionally vertical applications that cover only one clearly identified need. However, the complexity of the markets and the increasingly sophisticated demands of customers, force companies to strengthen their production tools.

Semeion is developed to simplify your daily work. Rather than investing in a inflexible software and forcing your teams to adapt their working methods, Semeion offers a powerful working environment which can be quickly adapted to your needs and requirements. In fact, the changes you might want to introduce in your organization are better accepted and much better respond to the expectations of your customers and employees.

Why is Semeion so different?

Semeion is a very homogeneous software suite, configured based on your expectations and in order to enhance your current processes in regards to your legacy systems.

Instead of forcing new working methods to your employees and to prevent inappropriate internal decisions, Semeion allows to put your customers in the center of all your concerns and to understand their expectations. Semeion provides the necessary tools to design the proper short terms and long terms strategies of your organization. When these strategies are clearly planned, Semeion allows you modernizing your processes and making your enterprise more competitive.

The Why-Not-Mindset as decision helper

The best approch to put in place a pragmatic and future oriented operation, the "Why Not Mindset" might be the best way.

Why not managing my data and documents towards my customers?

Semeion helps companies optimizing their processes, reducing their operative costs and improving their communication with their customers! it's unique.

Why not creating NOW, a unique and personalized link to each of my customers?

Semeion helps migrating your customers from satisfied to loyal and from loyal to advocate by permanently interacting with them. This is the Customer eXperience.

Why not be rewarded by my customers for my operational excellence?

Semeion streamline a customer centric approach which will help sustaining your company growth and ease internal your strategic changes.