Semeion Overview

Change your organization from good to great!
Semeion is a modern and powerful software platform, a new philosophy in the way your organization will face the IT challenges, the engine of your growth and competitiveness.

What will Semeion do for you?

  • Capture (data, documents)
  • Capture the emotion your enterprise evokes to your customers
  • Optimize all your business processes thanks to powerful and flexible workflow managers
  • Facilitate the access to all your content to ease the daily tasks of your employees
  • Facilitate the integrate of all your IT solutions (connectors to your ERP, CRM, ECM legacy systems)
  • Measure your performances and productivity (monitoring of processes and performance analysis)
  • Store and preserve all your content (DMS/archiving/eDossiers, short and long terms)
  • Plan, control, and reconcile all you business data
  • Localize your application and manage your company vocabulary
  • Calculate your operational costs and help to reduce them is a pragmatic way
  • Deliver (multi channels) your voice to your customers via all the modern channels
  • Assess the end customers satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy
  • Provide reports and scorecards

Why Semeion?

Companies are usually purchasing a huge amount of out-of-the-box software to help their operation fulfilling their daily tasks. We believe that this time is over. Companies need to improve their competitiveness while reducing their operational costs. Semeion has been designed for them.

With Semeion, you will have a simple, flexible and powerful solution to manage your data and documents, manages your core business processes, stores all your business critical information, and delivers your correspondence and Customer eXperience in a deliberate way.

From doing "the things right" to doing the "right things"

Enterprise's managements believe that to become more professional, effective, productive and to deliver a better quality to clients, pressure might be put on every employees and department managers. Therefore, department's managers usually look for software solutions (called vertical solutions) and services that might help them reaching their objectives.

The economical and structural crisis that we are currently facing obliges the management’s teams changing the way their organization is working.

The Meninx customers have understood that instead of doing the things right (what most of the profitable organizations do), it become more important to do the right things. What does it mean? The Customer eXperience approach shows that instead of putting in place a set of vertical solutions (solving one problem at the time, avoiding connections and the sharing of the information), performing companies are putting their customers in the center of all their concerns avoiding unnecessary internal conflicts, competition and operational inefficiencies. Only Semeion which is able to provide a horizontal view of the business, across the whole of the organization, can provide the benefits required to serve customers in a descent way.

Semeion has been designed to be adapted to any core business type and specificity

Because banks, insurances, telco-industries, and governments (etc.) have different cultures and working methods; because each bank, each insurance, each telco-industry, and each government (etc.) is different, we have designed Semeion to be service oriented (SOA-Architecture) and problem solving oriented. Therefore, the strength of Semeion is to clearly separate the operational functions from the business logic definition. This is new, this is unique and this will change your life and expectations towards your customers. Our competence is to understand the way your organization is running and to setup Semeion accordingly.

The Semeion Services

The following figure illustrates the Semeion architecture and how Semeion will solve your operational challenges:


Typical Applications

Semeion can support any kind of processes, without any limit.

  • HR
  • Logicitics
  • SCM
  • I/OMS
  • Managed Print Services
  • Correspondence (paper or electronic in relation with the all of your legacy systems: ERP, CRM, ECM and even your back-office applications)
  • Incidents and Changes Management
  • Validation processes
  • Database migration
  • Document management, knowledge base creation
  • Authorization to produce
  • Planning
  • Web presence and online processes
  • etc.