Letter from the Meninx Group CEO

The current economic crisis is the consequence of a lack of imagination by traditionally innovating countries.

Some experts have believed in the past, that the growth of the world economics would pursue despite the European and North-America economical situations. They were mistaken, we know today that this is not and will not be the case. When the growth of the occidental countries stagnates, emerging countries such as China, Brazil or South Africa suffer too. The world became global, our future and destiny as well.

Austerity politics applied by Greek, Italian and Spanish governments could be compared to companies which are intending to implement some operational restructuration and costs savings as it became, nowadays, complicated to keep expansion and to win market shares. The fact that symposia and forums about cost savings in the IT or operation department become popular, shows the market trends and how managers imagine the future. The fact is that such politics might lead to recession as it is the case in some European countries already. The solution is complex and, we believe, probably lies around two axes. On one hand, it becomes urgent and mandatory to reduce costs by optimizing processes and increasing productivity (labor costs optimization), and on the other hand, to invest in new technologies and business models in order to sustain the competitiveness and leadership of your organization. Meninx believes that this savant mix might be the main concern of all managers.

Meninx is one of these companies which innovates and provides a long term vision of the business development. Meninx has invented Semeion, a powerful business platform, which provides our clients a clear view about their operational performance and productivity, their costs and potential savings, their future developments (new services), and put their end-customers in the center of all their concerns. This new way to look at things is, in the mind of each Meninx employee, the best way to enable the present and future developments of companies and ensure their viability. What is Semeion providing? The aim of Semeion, with the support of the Meninx values, is to help organizations build their Customer eXperience and all related business processes in an auditable, secured, scalable and cost effective way. This is our vision, for our own development, as well as for our customers.

Semeion rationalizes the operational processes by automating the data and document life cycles, connections between legacy systems and personals, and generate knowledgeable reports and statistics. Semeion manages your production and correspondence workflows, captures all relevant information provided by your teams, applications and by your end-customers, to build knowledge and understanding about your operation and impact in the best way your internal processes accordingly. With Meninx your future is bright and safe. You get an outstanding business solution that will smoothen your operation, reduce your operational costs and make your end-customer recommend your services to friends, colleagues and family.

Semeion: a bright idea for your company and your customers. Why not manage your data and documents, your processes towards your customers? Why not create NOW, a unique and personalized link to each of your customers? Why not be rewarded by your customers for your operational excellence? Why not implement Semeion now?

Jean-Christophe Godinaud

CEO Meninx Group